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Kitties…. ^^

February 23, 2008

Started from December 2006 ago, my house became crowded by cute voices sounded “miaw miaw” ūüėÄ


the¬†actual¬†date…uhm¬†honestly¬†i’m¬†a¬†little¬†bit¬†forgot,¬†but¬†it’s¬†around¬†christmas¬†or¬†between¬†– 24th or 29th.

Now their ages are almost 2 months. There have been so many happy and sad moments we cross together.

Still intact in my head that sad moment, when one of them have been dead. she leave this world in one cloudy day, by an attack from¬†a¬†wild¬†cat.¬†She¬†died¬†in¬†one¬†strike,¬†leaving¬†a¬†body¬†with¬†full¬†of¬†blood¬†caming¬†out¬†from her neck. Looks like that damn cat was bite her right on her neck here. I don’t know what motivation he was to do that.