August 15, 2008

My last approach….
has been failed.

now restarting…..
damn!!! unresponding thread detected….

trying to shut it down…
that thread is forcing to keep on running

unless I plug out the power chord
this operating system along with the thread will keep staying on the main memory…
and make the whole system out of resources, and may harm the hardware

something has to be done!!! A.S.A.P
oh seems like I have to surrender….

what is that thread anyway?
that is you, your image…
not the real you, just the shadow of your existence…
in fact you have been taken by another system
that is better on all of its aspect…
appearance, performance, pride,
all of them are better than mine….

you who wasted my resources
filled out my main memory
and failing my operating system
but thank God I still got my hardware unharmed and intact….
all I have to do is watch for another thread that will erase you,
placing you in the vault quarantine..

but I can’t….I can’t let you shredded away…
please stay in this system, even no more than just your image..
eventhough this is not the environment you’re looking for…
not the greatest one…in fact this is the worst…
just a small, rusted system…
please bare with it….
I’ll bring out unexpected extra resource and allocate a special memory buffer just for you…
yeah, just to hold your image…


  1. ouch ouch ouch..this is bahasa bule…im searching2 di kamus dulu what its mean ya….

    hati2 renxe, jangan banyak2 FAILED, ntar TILT loh…

  2. @ mrina : hehehe…….thanks udah diingatkan…yah ga sering2 banget kok failednya…yah namanya hidup adakalanya successfull ada jg saat2 failed

  3. wakakaka menggebu banget untuk sebuah THREAD… hey, gak yakin sih tapi kenapa THREAD ya? bukan THREAT?

  4. @ immoz : thread yg ini istimewa…dia yang membuat semuanya kacau akhir2 ini….dan sepertinya sekarang waktunya mengusirnya jauh2…wakakakak..

    ohya, bukan THREAT karena ini bukan ancaman.
    THREAD adalah sebuah proses…proses bisa mengganggu bisa juga membantu…

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