Udah gede koq masih…

March 1, 2008

It’s those kitties…they’ve grown that big but still sucking milk from their mom?
When I see them doing that, I think, doesn’t the mom feel kind a little hurt on her breast when being sucked by her daughters…err..kitties…? ^^ imagining their allready big and sharp fangs which enough to bit your finger until bleeding, those kitties sure have kind of method for sucking while maintaining not to bleed-out their mom’s nipple.

But I think still it’s their mom’s fault for letting her kitties drink her milk. They’ve already able to eat same food as their mom’s and drink the same water. Is it somekind of instinct of love or responsibility that the cat’s mom gives for her kitties?
Who knows what animals think when raising their juniors…it’s God who dispatch them to do so.

If we try to see the message that hidden behind the simple scene of what the cat’s mom doing for her kitties whether it’s an natrally animal’s instinct or true pure love given, we can see how this is an ironic that happens in this world. While small creature like cat can gives such an effort just for showing its attention for its kitties, there are still < human > parents who dn’t have much time to pay just to sit besides their son/daughter. Endless factors or reasons for this to happen, work, divorcing, and more…Logically, considering which one having the more advanced brain, it’s cat who have learn from human, not human learn to love each other from cat… ^^


  1. iya emang sih human gitu… dasar human. Ya tapi dunia emang rumit sih, dan gak semua human kayak gitu kok. Dan bahkan tidak sedikit neko yang liar di jalan juga pernah kulihat meninggalkan dan menelantarkan anaknya. Tentu beda dengan neko yang dipelihara dengan baik dalam rumah.

    Nah, jadi semua makhluk sama saja… ada human yang baik dan human yang tidak baik. ada neko yang baik ada neko yang tidak baik… natural lah..

  2. iya bener…setuju dengan pendapat anda ^^
    yah itu hanya gambaran betapa hewan saja bisa seperti itu seharusnya manusia bisa lebih baik ^^

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